Best apps for online class

best online class apps

A thirst for education is one that cannot be quenched. Every day we learn and discover new things, and this arouses our curiosity to learn even more. So if you are looking for educational resources, practical skills, and many more, here are several apps that can be of assistance:

Khan Academy

It is a platform that provided a world-class education to people all over the world. Free tutorials are available for a variety of subjects ranging from chemistry, history, mathematics, and so on. It is one of the most common online course platform among many people. It allows people to learn at their own pace and, at the same time, connect with the best take my online class tutors.


This online podium offers both free and paid online courses. Lectures are provided in the form of videos, PDFs, audio, and many more. It allows students to stream lectures, download, or save them offline for later. Courses are designed in a way that they can be accessed on-demand. Here is the good news; android apps can also be used to sign up for a course or even access academic materials.


For people with an interest in business-related skills, Alison will be an ideal website for them. Alison provides free courses on several topics like information technology, management skills, to mention a few. Once you complete your course, you will be charged a fee for a certificate to be issued. Therefore, if you require guitar lessons, check out Alison.

Code academy

Well, if you are what we call a computer geek and you need to sharpen your skills, then code academy will be a suitable place for you. It provides a hands-on online course that tackles necessary coding, a programming language such as JavaScript, python, c#, ruby, and many more. And did I mention that it is free? Because it is.

iTunes u

It is an app created by apple for educational purposes. Online courses are available for free for a wide array of topics. For people with an iOS device, it is readily available. Some of the leading university instructors use this forum to upload lectures for their students.

These are among many websites with iOS and Android apps for online classes. Technology has made it possible for people to satisfy their hunger for education via their devices by enabling the development of various apps. You, therefore, have no excuse for not taking those cooking lessons you’ve been avoiding.

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