history of mathematics

History of mathematics

History of mathematics is the research into the mathematical methods and notations of the past. It allows the students to have a deeper meaning of mathematics they have already studied by seeking how it was developed over time and in various places. Math has evolved from counting and calculations to a more sophisticated discipline as we know it today. Due to its complexity in the present years, a student may struggle with their math homework, and they may pay someone to do my math homework for me. These are made possible by our homework assistants who developed an interest in the subject over the years and are what we call professionals. They can solve the problems students are stuck with because they have a deeper understanding of the subject.

Early history of mathematics

Mathematics has been a part of human understanding for over 2000 years. Soon after the development of language, it is safe to assume that humans began counting by using fingers and thumbs. Basic mathematical ideas originated from Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India as a result of agriculture. Later on, ancient Greeks began a systematic study of mathematics, and it led to the discovery of Pythagoras theorem. After the fall of Rome, the development of mathematics was taken up by the Arabs and Europeans. They formulated theories on algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. Number theory has primarily expanded, and approaches such as probability and analytic geometry were used in a new era of math with calculus at the center of attention.

Middle Stage history of mathematics

In the 17thcentury, mathematicians developed the foundation of calculus. They used techniques that involved infinite processes in finding the area under curves and later on combined the techniques through derivative and integral. Mathematicians were able to justify the methods in the 18thcentury, and today, we define the derivatives and integrals in terms of limits. The research on math is an ongoing process, and discoveries are underway.

Modern history of math

Mathematics has also evolved in terms of mathematical tools. In ancient times people used various means to solve mathematical problems. Such devices included abacus, rulers, and compasses, to mention a few. However, there is change over the years due to advancements in technology. New tools such as calculators, computers, programming language, statistical analysis systems, and many more developments exist to assist in solving mathematical problems and in doing more research.


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