why is math hard

Why is math hard

If you go to a school and randomly ask students to name the subject, they consider being the most difficult. I’m sure math would be top on the difficulty chart. So what is it about math that makes it challenging? The thing is, math is a cumulative subject, and you can’t learn a concept and forget it. Math does not work like that. Every single thing you learn in class occurs again and again. Another reason is that people have developed the notion that math is hard, and they believe it.

Math requires time to understand

Math requires a student to be patient and persistent. And since it is not automated, most students need a lot of time and energy to get it. However, they are not willing to invest the time or lack the time. As a student, you have to gain an understanding in one area before moving on to the next one. Math is especially tricky for a student who has been absent or is dealing with issues such as medical problems, family affairs, or even having a terrible teacher. The students tend to fall behind in class and may struggle to catch up with the rest of the course.

Math is a progressive subject

In primary school, the foundation of math was laid by the introduction of essential addition and multiplication. As the students proceed to middle school, topics such as formula and operation get introduced. The problem begins between middle school and high school. Learners are quick to move to the next grade without the proper understanding of the previous one. As a result, the student ends up getting a c. Scoring c in math means that the student has only understood half of what they should but move on anyway. The education journey of the student is affected because of viewing math as tricky subjects.

Math has complex concepts

Math is hard because some concepts may be hard to grasp, but a student may lack the support or tutoring they require to understand something. Let’s face it! Teachers don’t have that time and energy to ensure that every single student understands a particular math concept. A lack of adequate support when you need it can make math harder to understand.


It is clear that for people to change the perception that math is challenging, a lot of effort is necessary. People need to be aware math is just like any other subject, and it should not be feared. Some math concepts can be introduced at an early stage so that students familiarize themselves with them. And finally, if you are struggling with math, you can hire a math homework doer that can assist in understanding and solving mathematical problems with a simple online homework help.