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Professor Alice Johnson

Specialization: Algebra and Number Theory

Bio: Professor Alice Johnson holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from MIT and has over 15 years of teaching experience. Her passion for algebra and number theory makes her an expert in helping students understand complex concepts.

Dr. Robert Mitchell

Dr. Robert Mitchell

Specialization: Calculus and Differential Equations

Bio: Dr. Robert Mitchell obtained his doctorate from Stanford University and has published several research papers in the field of calculus and differential equations. He’s known for his ability to simplify complex calculus problems.

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Dr. Emily Lee

Specialization: Geometry and Topology

Bio: Dr. Emily Lee is a renowned expert in geometry and topology, having earned her Ph.D. from Princeton. Her expertise lies in making abstract concepts more tangible and understandable for students.


Professor David Williams

Specialization: Statistics and Probability

Bio: With a background in statistics and probability, Professor David Williams has been teaching at Harvard for more than a decade. He can help students with various statistical analysis techniques and probability theory.

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Dr. Susan Martinez

Specialization: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory

Bio: Dr. Susan Martinez has a Ph.D. in linear algebra and is known for her ability to help students master the intricacies of matrices and linear transformations.

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Professor John Turner

Specialization: Number Theory and Cryptography

Bio: Professor John Turner specializes in number theory and cryptography. His passion for these fields can help you understand both the beauty of number theory and its practical applications in cryptography.

Dr. Laura Evans

Dr. Laura Evans

Specialization: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Bio: Dr. Laura Evans is an expert in combinatorics and graph theory. She excels at solving complex problems related to combinatorial structures and graph properties.


Professor Michael Lewis

Specialization: Mathematical Logic and Set Theory

Bio: Professor Michael Lewis has spent years studying mathematical logic and set theory. He can help students navigate the intricacies of formal mathematical reasoning.

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Dr. Sarah Miller

Specialization: Discrete Mathematics and Computation

Bio: Dr. Sarah Miller specializes in discrete mathematics and its applications in computation. Her expertise can help you understand the foundations of computer science.


Professor Richard Clark

Specialization: Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

Bio: Professor Richard Clark’s expertise lies in applied mathematics and mathematical modeling. He can assist you in solving real-world problems using mathematical techniques.


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