How to write An Argumentative Essay

How to write an Argumentative essay fast

The writer or the author ought to give a defendable discussion and explanation on why the reader should view his or her point as the “right one.” The author can effect this detailed explanation of argument defence by using tools such as statistics, facts and references. For the author to be effective in providing an argumentative that will persuade his or her audience to see things from his perspective, the essay must contain essential elements such as compelling topic, strong evidence, balanced assessment and a persuasive language.

How is an argumentative essay written? Most of the students experience the bluntness of writing a quality argumentative essay. This should not worry you any more. In this post, we are going to discuss in details the tips of writing the best argumentative essay.

First thing,

Find a good topic

When finding a good argumentative essay topic, you should consider various issues, and among them, you choose a few that sparks two solid conflicting points of view.After clearly going over the few chosen topics, it’s time now to pull out the one that entirely piques your interest.

When you choose a topic that does not suit your interest, it will vividly be depicted in your whole writing. Although strong topic interest is significant, it does not replace a strong argument. You will have to decide which position you are talking by backing it up with strong evidence and reasoning.

Considering both sides of the chosen topic and taking your position

After choosing the best topic that you are interested in, it is advisable to make an important list of points for both sides of your argument. Your main objective in your argumentative essay is to present both sides with strong arguments to enable you to shoot the “other” side down.

Gathering evidence

Writing an argumentative essay one needs to provide proof to support his or her claim, with or without any emotions. When providing the evidence, you should not create too much drama. All you have to do is exploring the two sides of the argument briefly then provide evidence why your side of the argument is the best one.

Creating an outline

Argumentative essay is commonly written in a five-paragraph structure. These structures consist of
• Introduction
• 2-3 body paragraphs
• Conclusion
Understanding these three unique structures at an individual level is vital for a student when writing a smooth flowing argumentative essay.


As in any other essay, the first introductory paragraph should contain a concise and precise explanation of the essay topic, background information and a thesis statement. This first captivating sentence is known as the hook statement. Most of the hook statements revolve around the funny quote, rhetorical question or an intriguing idea.

The background information helps the reader to narrow the topic focus by providing any necessary context. Background information is an ideal transition of one’s thoughts to the thesis statement. However, this information should not include the main arguments of the topic.

The thesis statement is the last sentence which provides the focal point of the entire argumentative essay. It is vital to write the thesis statement correctly by proper phrasing. The primary goal for the thesis statement is to state your idea clearly and why the idea is the best one.

Body paragraphs

The introductory sentence of the body is to offer a transition path of your previous focus to the current paragraph. This introduction topic sentence focuses on the main sub-argument of that specific section. After providing the topic sentence of the body, you should present a claim sentence which links the thesis statement with the main sub-argument. The primary goal of the claim sentence is to straighten and validate the central message.

After the claim sentence or paragraph, you should provide evidence which will defend your point of view. Examples of evidence elements are Statistics, logical ideas and references. This evidence will increase the validity of your argumentative essay.
After defending your claim with reliable evidence, the author or writer should end the body paragraph by a conclusion statement which summarizes the overall importance of the thesis’ claim.


When writing the conclusion of your argumentative essay, you should use an assertive language to restate the thesis. You should also provide a summary of the sub-arguments through reviewing your main points and giving the argument closure.

The last step, in conclusion, is providing an overall concluding statement which expresses the universal significance of your information, which calls for action to the reader to investigate further.
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