How to Write Expository Essay

How to write expository essay like an experts

This type of essay is majorly assigned in academic settings where the student needs to consider an idea, do a thorough investigation on the idea, do a proper explanation of the concept and eventually make an argument. The significance of an expository essay is to prove a thesis by the use of factual shreds of evidence. Though overwhelming, this essay is straightforward to write if you carefully take one step at a time.

Here are some of few things you should consider before writing your expository essay. These preparations include:

Definition of your writing purpose

Here, the writer put into consideration why he or she is writing the essay. Put down some of the reasons for writing your expository essay and what you expect to do with your final draft. If your instructor gives the expository essay as an assignment, do not hesitate to consult your instructor in case something seems unclear.

Considerations on your audience

It’s is advisable for the writer to consider who they are writing the expository essay to. For a practical account of the expectations and needs of the reader, the writer should put down some great things that he or she need to keep in mind about his or her readers. If is for assignment purpose, consider your instructor’s expectations in your expository essay.

Generation of ideas

Before writing your essay, it is essential to generate some critical concepts that will be included in your expository essay. Some of the common ways to develop your essay’s Idea include:

  • Free writing
  • Listing
  • Clustering
  • Questionnaires
  • Making an Outline

    It is crucial that after generation of ideas, you organize your thoughts into a clear outline before drafting your essay. Writing an overview helps the student or the writer to plan out the whole essay, figure out what he or she might have forgotten or, develop more ideas.

    Finding appropriate sources

    Writing a quality expository essay needs reliable types of sources. Students are also advised to seek guidance from their instructors when they are not sure which appropriate sources to use. Some of these sources include
    • Books
    • Newspapers
    • Magazine articles
    • Articles from school journals
    • Trustworthy websites
    Evaluate your chosen sources to determine the quality of their credibility before using them to write your expository essay. There are some of the ways on how you can establish the reliability of the sources that you intend to use. This includes
    • Looking for bias on the topic objectivity of the author
    • Checking for citations
    • Considerations on the publication date of the source
    • Identifying the author’s credentials on the topic.
    When satisfied that you have decided on your sources well, you must read them to understand what the author says about that topic. Do not forget to write down some notes which will help you to develop a tentative thesis.

    The writing process

    When writing your expository essay, there are subtle details which you should consider when writing the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion.


    The introduction should begin with an engaging sentence that will immediately begin to discuss your essay’s topic. Here, you also create a thesis statement that is debatable by providing enough details. The primary goal of the introduction is to identify the main idea of your essay that will act as a preview to the writer’s essay.

    Body paragraph

    The body paragraphs should be eloquent and informative. The body should have 2 to 3 arguments each deserving its paragraph. It is essential to provide supporting evidence through the use of statistics and facts which will give the reader a belief in your expository essay


    The conclusion provides the significance of your claim by connecting your evidence with your thesis.
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