How to Write a Narrative Essay

How write a narrative essay with ease

A narrative essay is a type of academic writing that aims at telling a story. Narrative essays are conventionally assigned to students of different stages in school. The writer tells the story of a personal experience that largely connects with the class theme. When approached well, writing a narrative essay assignment can be fun and exciting. Since narrative is a story that tells the audience or the reader more about interactions, experience and events that happened to the writer during a certain period, it always requires a vivid plot.

Narrative essays may sometimes be tricky because they always offer limited content amount to the reader. That is, the author or the writer should tell a complex story by using a limited number of words without compromising the relevancy of the purpose. This requires the writer also to keep the audience’s attention afloat.

In this post, we shall learn how to effectively select a good topic, get a solid draft of your narrative essay and how to revise your narrative essay. Here is a simple guide on how to write a breathtaking narrative essay.

Selecting a story that illustrate a theme or topic

Ideally, there are two major components of a narrative essay: a story and an analysis of that story. Although narrative essays are about particular themes, concepts or issues, they generally use personal stories when illustrating the ideas. This type of essay is commonly used to test the student’s creative storytelling skills and also the ability to link a class theme with the student’s personal life. That is the main reason narrative essays do not involve any references or research.

Making sure that the story effectively fits the prompt

Often, narrative essays are written based on the prompt from the student’s instructor or teacher. It is important to read the prompt clearly and closely before commencing your writing process. This enables you to make sure that your story or narrative fits the given assignment.

Selecting a story with a manageable plot

Narrative essay is made to tell a particular story with luminous and vibrant details. Writing a narrative essay is not like writing a novel. Hence the story needs to be concise and fairly contained. It is recommendable to have a limitation in terms of another setting, plot and characters. You can choose a single event that happened to you during the summer. But not something that takes a year or months for it to unfold. You should also limit the characters’ number by choosing the ones who are essential.

Select a story that has vibrant details

A good narrative essay should have specific images, details and language that enable the reader to have a touch of the story. Ideally, a narrative essay is non-fiction; hence you cannot just make an imagination story up. Try your best to stay as true as possible.

The writing process

Where does your story start and end? Narrative essays have a well-structured standard format. The format include

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • The introduction

    This is the first part of a narrative essay that provides the settings and ignites the flow of the story. A good introduction should begin with a strong hook that will engage the reader by vividly bring up a future scenario at the initial starting point. It also defines the purpose of the story by allowing the reader to have an idea of what is happening. Avoid keeping your readers thinking. At this point of introduction, do not give the lesson learn rather give the reader an insight and a mere sneak peek of what to expect later.

    The body paragraphs

    The body paragraph gives a platform for the reader to travel through the story by slowly untangling the puzzle of the story. Body paragraphs vary with the length of the narrative essay. The range should match the impact of the story. Use dialogues and chronologies to keep your story captivating and sequential. Also, remember to avoid narration deviations.

    The conclusion

    The conclusion of a narrative essay is important due to its ability to unravel the purpose of the story to the reader. The main goal is to ensure that the reader comprehends the importance of your story.
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