history of homework

History of homework

The history of homework varies with different articles having different mentions. The credibility of these articles makes it hard to ascertain if the individuals mentioned are indeed inventors of homework. The remarkable individuals that seem to be inventors are traced from Rome. In the ancient times back in 1 century AD, Pliny the Younger is associated with inventing homework. As an oratory teacher, he is deemed to have asked his followers to practice public speaking at home. The task was to help them become confident and improve their fluency in their speeches.

In German compulsory public education system was common in the country as a push for a newly unified nation-state. Pupils attending the “People’s school” were given mandatory assignments that needed to be completed at home. This system of bringing assignment home thus spread across Europe. Around the 19th century, a politician and educational reformer called Horace Mann picked interest in it while he was in Prussia, away from America, his home. He brought the idea home, and that marked its introduction and implementation in American schools.

Decades after Horace Mann introduced homework in America; it received several anti-homework campaigns and bans in the 1900s. In the Pacific state of California homework was banned, the ban stayed in effect until 1917. Additionally, prominent publications such as the New York Times and Ladies Home journals published articles on how homework was harmful to children. These articles were based on statements from medical practitioners and parents.

In 1930, the American Child Health Association labeled homework as a type of child labor. This move made homework seem like an unacceptable educational practice to be exercised.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the emergence of progressive education reforms were the highlights. Educators started looking for personalized and relevant issues that students would connect to as they introduced homework back.

Cold war after effects resulted in the unveiling of homework again due to Americans and Russians competing against each other, especially with Russia launching its Sputnik. Authorities in the U.S, especially from the education sector, decided that they introduce rigorous homework to students of all ages to have a competitive edge on fields like Math and science against their Russian counterparts.

The year 1986 saw the U.S. Department of Education’s leaflet suggest homework as an effective strategy to boost education quality.

Now in the 21st-century, homework is widespread globally as they are integrated into daily education activities. However, it is receiving backlash for contributing to stress, anxiety, and some clinical depression. Therefore, students are forced to seek counseling services, and their time is spent on doing homework that they end up spending long nights and lack time for extracurricular activities. However, there is help in a click away, the online homework doer service. Our website has plenty of experts who are available 24/7 to help with your homework. These professionals are versatile with all topics, don’t be stressed out when we can do it for you! Contact us today!