History of online education

history of online education

Have you ever wondered how online classes come to be? When was it first introduced? I’m sure such questions have crossed your mind at one point or another. Well, you can rest easy now. In this article, we will take a brief look at the history of online classes.

How online learning emerged

E-learning emergence can be linked to the development of computers and telecommunication. Therefore, online education was in existence way before the internet was discovered. In the 18th century, the University of Chicago became famous as the first university to offer correspondence courses.  This method of study was structured to improve writing, and it was prevalent among journalists and secretaries. As a method of education, it was employed by Isaac Pitman, who was a teacher. Students would complete their work and send via email and vice versa.

Advancement of online education in the 19th century

In this period, the testing machine that would allow students to test themselves was invented by Bf Skinner, who was a Harvard University professor. The device allowed students to issue programmed instructions to their students. Later on, the University of Huston became known as the first to provide televised college courses. Soon after, a telephone-based distance learning emerged, and the University of Wisconsin was on the forefront in providing such services.

A look at online learning in the 20th century

In this era computers and the internet were introduced. As a result, the tools and delivery methods of online education were primarily expanded. Major universities like Yale, Harvard etc. began introducing online courses as part of their curriculum.  A perfect example is MIT; wherein 2002 it would offer lectures and teaching materials via open course wire project which was free across the globe

Current online education status

Currently, almost every university in the world offer online classes. Virtual learning is still expanding even now, with programs emerging that allow people to gain access to a wealth of online information and e-learning opportunities. The expansion is such that you can easily find professionals, online class takers if you find yourself in a situation where you need someone to take your aleks homework answers.

 In conclusion, the ever-rising need for education is a significant contribution to the growth of online training. We have not seen the last of online education advancement, and as technology grows, online learning will become part of our day to day life.  For any help with your homework, contact us today. 

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