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How to easily write a descriptive essay

A descriptive essay can be simply defined as a genre of essay that aims at describing something such as place, person, emotion, experience, situation, and object. It helps the writer or student to develop creativity by creating a written account of a specific experience. A good descriptive essay should have the ability to create a clear picture of your topic in the mind of the reader. Descriptive essays are mostly written for class assignments or just for fun. It is important to begin your descriptive essay by brainstorming on suitable topics and outlining the structure of your essay. Hence, you need to intelligently create a catchy opening which will draw the readers into your narrative.

Brainstorm the ideas for your descriptive essay

Writing a descriptive essay is fun and straightforward. However, there are a few things that need to be kept into consideration. These fine considerations may include:

Choosing the person to describe

Describing a person who you do not know can be challenging. Therefore, when choosing the person to describe, consider choosing a person that you know very well. This person could be your father, mother or sister, best friend, mentor or a coworker. Students or writers are advised to choose a person who has a lot of details to write about hence enough material for your descriptive essay. You can also select a fictional about such as a character in a story, book, a play, a video game or on a television show.

Selecting an object or place to describe

Another option a writer is free to choose is on a specific object and place which he or she has strong feelings about. Such places may include your house, your college or university, childhood home or your workplace. The writer can also write on a gift from a friend or a family heirloom.
Another option is to describe your object or place can be a fantastical book which you have read in your favorite book or that magic ward you saw in your favorite TV show.

Selecting an emotion to describe

Some descriptive essays involve writing on emotion that you relate or connect to. Using strong emotions like loss, anger, rage or desire, you can well describe your own experience with it. For, you to make a more powerful descriptive essay, you can choose an emotion which is more specific such as self-hatred or brotherly love.

List some sensory details about the topic

After choosing your topic for the essay, draw columns for the five senses which include taste, sound, touch, sight, and smell. Write comprehensive details about these five senses to help you write a good descriptive essay.

The writing process

Through a brief outline, the writer can organize his or her descriptive essay. The sections included are-
• Introduction
• Body
• Conclusion
Conventionally, a descriptive essay has five paragraphs namely, one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. However, you can have your sections which will allow you to write as many paragraphs as you may like to.
When writing a descriptive essay for a class, the student should seek guidance from his or her tutor whether he or she wants a five-paragraph essay or you have a freedom to write your essay using sections.

Creation of a thesis statement

Thesis statements are the key themes or ideas for an essay. It clearly states the significance of the essay. A thesis statement provides a specific guide for the entire essay. The thesis statement must be written in your essay’s introduction and also be restated at the end of your essay (conclusion).


The introduction of a descriptive essay should start with a hook sentence. The hook statement will help in grabbing the attention of the reader. Describe brief background information about the event by keeping your wording discrete to avoid losing the reader’s attention. Do not forget to use some sensory details to prove to your audience that you got those stellar implementation skills.

Body paragraphs

After writing your introduction and thesis, there comes the body section. This is the main part of your writing that constitutes an essay where all points of your ideas are covered. Make sure the body supports the thesis statement.


The conclusion is the part of your descriptive essay that ties all your essay thoughts together. The simple way to construct a captivating conclusion is by restating your thesis statement and providing a strong final sentence.
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