How to read peoples mind with math

How to read peoples mind with math


The intention of performing a math trick is to amaze your friends by guessing their answer without them telling you. Of course, you won’t be able to read someone’s mind literally with the tricks, but a deep understanding of math puts you in an advantageous position to guess the answers. You can always talk to us for homework help. Here is how you go about it.

Find an ideal candidate

The secret to a good magic trick is choosing a perfect candidate. Of course, you don’t go bothering uninterested people, so the first thing you do is to find someone willing to spare a few minutes for a trick. Avoid crowded places where there are a lot of interruptions and preferably find a quiet place with no or minimal disruption. This way, you avoid the risk of messing up. Ask your audience to pick a number between one and ten for the sake of simplicity. Avoid large numbers, fractions, and numbers with decimal points. Such numbers may be confusing to the volunteer person.

Impress with a trick

It is time to get down to business. You can now wow your audience with a few tricks such as divide by half, end with 13, and lucky number13. For instance, lucky number 13 is as follows

The first step is to have your volunteer person pick a number between 1-10

Tell them to multiply the number by 9

Then add the first and second of the chosen numbers, but if it is a single number, add zero.

After that add 4 to the result of the previous step

You can play a trick by guessing the answer, and 13 is always the answer.  Watch as they begin to question everything they hold dear. The presentation is vital. As much as people want to learn math tricks, they also want to be entertained. Make your presentation as exciting and intriguing as possible to capture their attention.

Understanding the math

Magic performances are primarily dependent on the distractions of the audience with unnecessary steps. Hence, it’s only natural that your audience will be curious as to how you arrived at your answer. Offer them a simple explanation without revealing much. As they say, a magician never reveals their secrets. For instance, the unique way the multiples of 1 -10 operate is the reason why lucky number 13 is such a success.

Come up with a new math trick

Performing a math trick over and over again can become tiresome. To keep your audience interested and intrigued, you can come up with new methods. Use the already known tricks as templates for your trick. It doesn’t have to be complicated; start small by choosing values of the constant to make new equations as you work your way up.  That way, you will be in a position to come up with a whole new idea.


As much as a math trick is an act, it is also a science. This means that efforts are to be made in terms of learning and research for the successful execution of various tricks. Seeking math help from a reliable site is an ideal way to go. Math gurus with a vast knowledge of math will avail help immediately. For that reason, looking for a math homework doer will be a thing of the past.

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