How to teach a class online

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Online learning is gaining popularity among many people. More and more people are enrolling in various online classes every day. Just like an on-campus course, an instructor has to prepare efficiently for an online class. The expectation of a lot of students is for the online class to be intriguing and exciting. Here are some strategies on how to teach an online lesson.

Plan your classes

We understand that in an online class, different students log in at different times. Planning is, therefore, very crucial for an online class environment. Before you begin your course, make sure that you have your syllabus and materials laid out. It allows students to come with a suitable schedule that is convenient for them. As an online teacher, you can also prepare your program for hours you are visibly present and engaged with the students. You will be able to notify students on the next topic to handle, respond to queries, post lectures, and participate in discussions with the students. 

Set expectations

As a tutor, you need to provide students with a distinct set of expectations before they begin their studies. From what to expect from your end to what do you expect from their end. For instance, how often you will be communicating with the students, setting exam dates, due dates for assignments and homework, grading, etc.

Ask for feedback

In the semester, make sure you ask how the students find your teaching. In terms of the content, method of teaching, and allow them to make suggestions on how you can make things even better. To get a correct response, you can post something on the discussion forum and observe how the students respond.

Readily available use resources

The fact that classes are online, all the academic resources are available on the internet. Hence you should always ensure that materials relevant to the course are easily accessible. An online course can be stressful and overwhelming. When you make some content inaccessible, you may frustrate the student, and he/she may lose interest altogether. The student performance will be affected as a result.

Create a supportive online community

Create an atmosphere where students feel supported by encouraging them to participate in discussion forums. It helps keep them motivated. Through such platforms, students connect with online class takers who are willing to take my online class exam for students who are not in a position to due to various reasons. Students also exchange ideas, resources amongst themselves.

How you teach a class online largely depends on your attitude towards the students. A positive attitude will bring about an easy and fun time. The above tips, among many ways to make teaching even more exciting and rewarding.

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