benefits of homework

Importance of homework

Homework has received backlash for contributing to detrimental effects on child health; these effects include clinical depression, anxiety, and stress. Despite having its share of cons, homework is associated with significant benefits supporting assignments being done at home. From the instructors’ point of view, it is an excellent tracker of students’ progress in responding to class content. Some of the benefits that are beneficial to students include:

A source of the discipline of practice

Practice makes perfect as they say; with numerous homework exercises, you master a skill. Concepts that are hard from tough subjects with regular activity on them the idea becomes easy, and you get to grasp your educational materials’ contents. Therefore with repetition of the same formula, you get to memorize and instill mastery on all disciplines.

The skill of time management

With homework, students are expected to juggle between completing school work and completing home chores and having time to participate in sports and other leisure activities. Thus, a detailed schedule needs to be followed to be able to participate fully. Without the plan, some tasks will not be done on time or not done at all. Therefore, with assignments, the skill of time management is taught in the student.

Successful completion of the learning process

Sometimes the time assigned for each subject at school is not enough to understand the subject matter. Extra work to be done at home becomes an incredible source for you to learn and understand yourself better. Furthermore, you get spare time to review course material and be prepared for the next topic, thus becomes easy to follow the instructor. Some students also prefer to read after their teacher has taught because they can remember afterward. 

Trains students to be self-independent

When given homework, how the students plan themselves determines how they finish their tasks on their own, prepare themselves well, thus become entirely dependent on themselves. Moreover, being planned and organized makes them complete their assignments on time. The skill of self-independence becomes an essential skill years after school. 

Instill the virtue of responsibility

Quizzes that are given to be done later, usually have a set deadline you are expected to deliver and failure to submit often lands you in trouble. A student thus strives to complete and submit on time, providing a good lesson in responsibility. The student’s effort to ensure that they follow their instructor guidelines is an absolute indication of commitment.

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