how aleks placement assessment works


ALEKS is a web-based, artificial intelligence tool that checks the student’s Mathematical knowledge’s strengths and weaknesses and reports it to the student. There are several topics on the ALEK’S online Math test to choose from. The content of questions you are likely to encounter ranges from Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, and more mathematical related topics. ALEKS Math assessment is to know your proficiency in Math to place you into the correct course. Depending on institutions, most students who have an ACT Math score below 19 or SAT below 460 are required to take the placement test.

The necessary steps of how ALEKS Math placement works are illustrated below:

  • Log in-As a student you will log in at the ALEKS homepage at
  • A brief tutorial on how to navigate using ALEKS answer input tools. It is a navigation tour on what tools you will use and the functionality of the system.
  • Commencement of the ALEKS assessment content

Once you have begun your assessment, you will be assessed based on your current knowledge by asking you several questions. ALEKS will choose each subject based on answers to the previous questions you had been asked. The assessment usually takes about 45 minutes for most courses.

During your evaluation, basic inbuilt calculators should only be used when needed, and the ALEKS calculator button is active on the site only when the assessment has a slot that requires it.

Completion of assessment. ALEKS will have developed precise knowledge of the material you have mastered and the topics you haven’t. A multicolored pie-chart usually presents this information on completion of the assessment. The presentation on the pie chart determines your next step, which is the introduction to learning modules.

Tips for completing ALEKS Math Assessment;

  • Prepare before beginning the assessment as it only takes at least 45 minutes to complete it.
  • Try to solve all problems you think you can before using the “I don’t know” button frequently.
  • Learning modules are a great place to prepare for assessments and improve your scores.
  • ALEKS’s Math placement is usually not timed, and as a student, you have time to complete within the 24 hours of starting time. Take your time

After this assessment, it is essential to note that ALEKS periodically reassesses you as a student to ensure that topics you learn are retained for long. The results based on the assessment are used to adjust the student’s knowledge of the course. Thus, students are forced to show mastery through mixed-question evaluations that cannot be easily predicted. Hence command of the ALEKS course means real ability. It’s good news for those who are good at grasping knowledge. It’s not so good news to those struggling with Math who have scored in SAT of below 460. We are professionals with good command on ALEKS online math tests. We guarantee you high scores to improve your visualizations on the pie chart as a master on a high number of topics and ready to do more. Make an order with us today to make use of our Aleks math answers.