What is ALEKS PPL and how does it work?

How ALEKS PPL works

ALEKS PPL is a computer-adaptive assessment system that measures the student’s math foundation, creates a personalized learning module, and uses intelligent software to determine the best math coursework level. ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL) has an individualized, open-response assessment covering 314 topics in 30 or less questions. The evaluation can be completed within one and a half hours. It aims to test your readiness for courses from Basic Math to Calculus 1. It tends to use a pre-assessment to determine how to best help you prepare with customized learning modules for your proctored post-assessment.

Knowing that ALEKS PPL has a different placement score than ALEKS is essential. Moreover, the ALEKS PPL module places you into higher-level courses. ALEKS PPL is usually composed of three main parts, depending on your institution;

1.    ALEKS Unproctored Pre-Assessment

This type of test determines how much college math a student is prepared to help you determine what modules as a student you will need. Your ALEKS pre-assessment should reflect your current ability so that the ALEKS system can help you improve. 

2.    ALEKS Learning Modules

 Learning modules are selected for each student based on their test performance. A minimum of 20 hours of work in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules are required for you to take another unproctored assessment to check your progress. It is encouraged that the more you spend on your modules, the more likely you will see an improvement in your score.

3.    ALEKS Proctored Post-Assessment

 A student’s score on their proctored test determines their math course placement at their selected institution. A score table will be provided at the end of your pre-assessment to gauge the courses you have prepared.

ALEKS PPL has easy-to-follow steps that make it easy to understand its operation. These steps can be summarized as follows;

ü Begin by logging in to ALEKS PPL using your institution ID and password

ü Next, agree to the terms and conditions provided before completing registration.

ü Finally, you are ready to begin your ALEKS PPL program as you click to continue and start your proctored assessment.


ü When taking your ALEKS PPL, do not use external resources like your phone reading materials or seek assistance from others. ALEKS will not be able to deliver the best possible modules successfully.

ü Spend at least 15hrs or more in learning modules to improve your score

ü If you want to retake the assessment, don’t immediately wait for 48 hours between assessments and spend at least 3 hours going through learning modules before taking your assessment.

ALEKS PPL has excellent features that can be useful when using it; these features are screen magnification to improve vision. A navigational keyboard is an alternative to a mouse, and the content does not rely on audio only. Thus, as a student, you will have a great chance to navigate without worry. As alluring as the program might be, you may be stuck with commencing ALEKS PPL and need a professional to help you. We are here as a trusted Aleks homework help with knowledge and experience to guide you through and pass all your modules. Contact our homework doers today!! 



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